Rise above the city skyline.

101 Collins is a timeless Melbourne landmark, standing proud in Collins Street’s prestigious Parisian end for over 30 years. Designed by Denton Corker Marshall, it is synonymous with Melbourne’s corporate strength and dynamic creative culture.

As a pioneering commercial tower, the original ambition for 101 Collins was to resemble a luxury hotel more than an office building. This meant a focus on a concierge experience, a grandness of scale and the highest attention to detail, which came together to create an icon of enduring sophistication. 

But even icons need reimagining. As the world changes and people adapt, we’re continually evolving and redefining the modern workplace experience so we can continue to set a benchmark in Melbourne’s cultural, commercial and architectural landscape.

Ground Floor Evolution

For 30 years, 101 Collins’ ground floor has provided an unrivalled entrance experience for tenants and guests. An aesthetic symbol of sophistication that isn’t seen in commercial office buildings today. But even icons need reimagining.

In 2023, with visual and experiential expectations changing, the 101 Collins ground floor has evolved. We’ve built on the unique architectural elements that define our ground floor, while providing contemporary changes that reflect the experiences of the people who use the space.

Through a collection of thoughtful upgrades and transformations, we’ve redefined what it means to experience the ground floor. And in doing so, brought 101 Collins in line with the next 30 years.

Architectural philosophy.

At 101 Collins, we believe architecture and design can enhance the human experience of our buildings and improve our collective wellbeing. To ensure our rich heritage is future fit, we continue to build on the unique architectural elements that define our building to provide contemporary spaces and experiences that redefine work and exceed expectations. 

Sanctuary garden.

In this immersive space, cutting-edge biophilic design brings the outside in. This urban oasis is designed to encourage contemplation and interaction with nature, inviting people to stop, gather and reflect. 

“It’s about uplifting people and making their day extraordinary. This is what good architecture and design does – it touches the soul and takes you to a place beyond the ordinary.”

Jeffrey Copolov, Director of Interior Design, Bates Smart