Discover a new you.

RISE delivers holistic health and wellness experiences in a premium approach to wellness. This exclusive amenity available to 101 Collins customers supports achieving their best personal and professional self in a luxurious space that inspires, motivates and nurtures a balanced body and mind.

A 360° approach to health 

Through a diverse mix of group fitness, open studios, private 1:1 training and holistic health consultancy services, our on-site experts and industry specialists empower customers to find balance in their life using tools and techniques to support important wellness practices for mental and physical wellbeing. 

We help 101 Collins customers incorporate mental and physical strategies for optimal wellbeing into their workday to help them realise their personal and professional potential.”

Bekki Elers, RISE Business & Studio Manager

Complimentary Group Classes +

Exclusive to 101 Collins customers, enjoy a variety of complimentary group classes suitable for everyone, no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

Classes we offer include Strength x Cardio, HIIT, Rumble, Pure Strength, Pilates, Yoga, Sound Guided Meditation and Stretch and Release.

Studio One
Clear, confident and calm best describes the restorative and mobile practices in our Studio One space. Comprised of both calming and strengthening classes, customers both tone and stretch daily.

Studio Two
High energy, fast paced and certain to pack a punch. Our range of high-intensity training in Studio Two will leave customers feeling sweaty and strong. Our inclusive range of group class types will suit everyone.

Check out our class styles here.

Level Up +

Level Up is a new series of paid specialised classes perfect for RISE members looking to increase their performance or master a new skill.

Level Up | Yoga

Ever wanted to achieve a forearm stand, increase your hip range, or improve your balance? Advance your yoga practice with Level Up | Yoga.

Practice focus: strength and mobility.

Level Up | Boxing

Expect complex combinations and controlled sparring. 
Perfect for those wanting to improve their boxing skills.

Training focus: co-ordination, power and defence.

Level Up | Running

Get outside and hit the track! Improve strength, stride and reduce chance of injury for your next run.

Training focus: speed, strength, and endurance.

Level Up | Lift

Learn new complex lifts such as the barbell deadlift or fine tune the classic chest press.

Training focus: Compound strength and lean muscle mass development

Complimentary Open Studio +

When our studios are not being used for group fitness, each is available for customers to use the space in their own way, at a time that suits them. Customers are able to use this time to meditate, stretch or to use equipment such as weights, treadmills and RowErg.

Treatment Room +

Our qualified health practitioners focus on ‘relaxing’ or ‘repairing’ the body. All claimable with private health insurance, treatments include remedial massage, physiotherapy and clinical Pilates.

Personalised Services +

The opportunity to receive tailored and targeted support to achieve health goals. Our industry experts are equipped to curate programs and provide services to enhance a customers wellness journey. Services include:

Personal Training

Between boxing, strength and conditioning, reformer or clinical Pilates, you can pick your poison in a 1 on 1 setting.

Small Group Classes

A group of 4 individuals with 1 instructor.

Training and nutrition plans

For those who would like guidance but prefer to work out on their own.

To enquire about personalised services, fill in this form.

Corporate wellness +

Employee wellness directly correlates with business productivity, loyalty and culture. The aim of a workplace wellness program should support long-term strategies to drive employee engagement and support business outcomes.

Through industry knowledge and a best practice approach, RISE leverages its onsite experts, industry relationships and partnerships for workshops, training resources and deliver a premium, engaging onsite experience.

RISE offers CPR/First Aid, Private Group Classes, Guest speaker events, ergonomic assessments, and goal setting resources.

Redefine corporate wellness for your business. Tenants can unlock this exclusive resource and service by contacting RISE via email at

Recovery Room +

Restore and recover in our premium recovery room fit with an infrared sauna, compression boots and complimentary, nourishing sustenance.

Whether you’re seeking active recovery, stress relief, or a private escape, our recovery room is here for you to experience.

The Team

We have curated a team of professionals to guide you through a range of services for any wellness routine. Our experienced instructors and practitioners help customers discover a new version of themselves, whether it’s by attending a class or achieving long-term fitness goals through personal training and consultations. 


The Space

Designed by Gray Puksand, the space consists of two multi-purpose activity studios, four consulting suites, as well as a relaxation area, which embeds a sense of calm via biophilic design elements including skylights and luscious planting. 101 Collins customers can immerse themselves in the rainforest-experience whether for lunch, or just to take a breath with a cup of RISE signature blend tea.

Collaborative & Responsive

RISE is dedicated to 101 Collins customers and uses their feedback and suggestions to provide an engaging service in a timely manner. Our aspirations and innovations rely on industry experts in their field for the highest level of advice and takes a collaborative approach to maximise the potential RISE can offer.


RISE includes all customers from different backgrounds, beliefs and limitations in its core offering and day-to-day operations. In a building where status is highlighted daily, equality and inclusivity are crucial to the RISE community and we respect and serve each customer equally.

Authentic Solutions

RISE is dedicated to educating its customers and providing services that prioritise long lasting results. RISE is backed by experts, credited and approaches wellbeing solutions holistically.

We do not offer quick fixes to weight loss or performance to make a quick buck, instead we value and reward the small steps customers take to improving their wellbeing.