Sanctuary Garden

Contemplation and Reflection.

In this immersive space, cutting-edge biophilic design brings the outside in. This urban oasis is designed to encourage contemplation and interaction with nature, inviting people to stop, gather and reflect. 

“It’s about uplifting people and making their day extraordinary. This is what good architecture and design does – it touches the soul and takes you to a place beyond the ordinary.”

Jeffrey Copolov, Director of Interior Design, Bates Smart

A hint of history.

When the columns lining Ground Floor were pulled apart during Stage 1 of our Ground Floor Evolution, a series of handprints and names belonging to the original stonemasons were discovered in the mortar.

Recognising the historical significance and humanity of this extraordinary gesture, Bates Smart has reengraved the names and handprints to bring our past into the Sanctuary Garden.