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Wellness // August 2023 1:1 Training Case Study
Personalised programs are simply for rehabilitation, injury prevention or shedding a couple of kilos. Right? Not quite.

It’s often assumed that 1:1 personal training is only needed when returning to exercise. Personalised programs are simply for rehabilitation, injury prevention or shedding a couple of kilos. Right? Not quite. While these are common and achievable goals, the skills of an instructor extend beyond these limits. It’s common to experience uncertainty about changing the intensity or variety of your program. This is where a personalised session with your coach can help. If your results have plateaued or aren’t coming as easily as they once did, read our recent case study of RISE client, Tyson.

Subject: Tyson
Age: 38 years old

Tyson was a new client at RISE before commencing a 5-week training plan with instructor Chris. Previously, Tyson was attending around two group classes per week and running an average 24-30km. Tyson came to RISE with a goal of improving physical health and strength. Tyson had been feeling frustrated due to a lack of direction and guidance in his previous gym, impacting his overall enjoyment when training. As Tyson has limited knowledge of correct movements or weights, his training has not been efficient or effective restricting his results.

Tyson’s primary goal was increasing his lean body mass and improving strength in key lifts including bench press, deadlift, and squats. Instructor Chris and Tyson established these goals in line with Tyson completing two marathons later in the year.

Training Program
A customised training program was created that suited Tyson’s work, training and lifestyle commitments. The program primarly focused on strength training but included hybrid elements to increase cardiovascular output. The program was designed to be completed both remotely and onsite at RISE. Tyson also added personal training sessions with Chris to receive guidance and support on technique and load manipulation.

After the first 5 weeks of training, Tyson reported a dramatic increase in primary strength lifts. Tyson’s weight on his Deadlift increased by more than double, his Squat increased by 25% and Bench press by 20%. It’s important to remember these increases resulted from gradual load and repetition increases week by week. These progressions also create a new baseline for Tyson’s training to continue building from. Tyson also noticed significant improvements in mobility, resulting in improved ranges of motion.

Tyson has also added approximately 3kg of lean body mass.  He described visible changes in his overall body composition “especially to the upper body”, with musculature looking more defined. Tyson also commented that the severity of his DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) reduced with each training session. That enabled Tyson to add more intensity with each session, improving the effectiveness of his training. This consistent increase of output was a major contributing factor to Tyson’s results.

Tyson’s 5-week training program helped kickstart his journey toward improving strength & body composition, while increasing confidence to train independently in the gym. Tyson has gained valuable knowledge of using volume & load to progress his training. He also now understands that the soreness experienced in the past, was not related to the effectiveness of those training sessions.

Tyson’s results highlight the positive impacts on health and wellbeing after following a personalized program. Setting clear goals, being consistent and utilising the support of RISE trainers leads to significant progress in relatively short periods of time. Importantly, we congratulate and recognise Tyson’s commitment to training. This case study was the start of Tyson’s RISE journey and will continue, with a new focus on nutrition and performance.

The aim of RISE personalised programs is to empower and equip clients with the tools needed to create their own success. Tyson’s case study serves as proof that the appropriate exercise prescription, loading strategies, and support network of industry professionals leads to individual success in health, wellness & performance.

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