Five Benefits of Strength Training for Corporates

Five Benefits of Strength Training for Corporates // March 2024 Five Benefits of Strength Training for Corporates
We’ve narrowed down our top five benefits for strength training for those who are chained to their desk from 9-5.
  1. Improved posture and ergonomics

Completing a balanced strength workout that utilises compound lifts such as squats and deadlifts, provides the body with strength to maintain good posture. Those who sit at a desk for long hours may find themselves vulnerable to injury without the necessary strength in their core, back or glutes, all of which are integral for posture. RISE strength classes focus on specifically reducing the risk of developing issues and injuries related to this, such as rounded shoulders or neck strains.

  1. Enhanced energy and productivity

Strength training increases blood flow and oxygen delivery to vital organs like the brain. Regular strength training has been reported to increase levels of energy, productivity, and mood throughout the workday, thanks to an increase in blood flow.

  1. Reduced risk of workplace injury

We can use strength training to improve muscle resilience. Stronger muscles can provide additional support to joints and ligaments to reduce the risk of common workplace injuries, reduce the likelihood of sprains , as well as any damage from repetitive tasks.

  1. Long term health and wellness

Strength training has been proven to increase bone density which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis, improve cardiovascular health to reduce the risk of acute heart conditions and reduce factors that could contribute to other chronic health conditions such as diabetes and hypotension. We can all be guilty of putting work before our health, however, our bodies will thank us for investing in strength training as regularly as possible.

  1. Stress relief

We welcome any kind of stress relief to help people manage their demanding workload. Physical exercise releases endorphins that promote feelings of positivity and well-being. Research has also shown that connection and community can reduce feelings of loneliness. Level Up Lift is the opportunity to benefit both physically and mentally by joining like-minded individuals who value the benefits of strength training. After getting involved, we’re sure you’ll value it too!

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