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Culture // November 2023 The Plug - November
We’ve pulled together some of our top recommendations of what to read, listen, watch, and see around Melbourne this November.


Doppelganger: Naomi Klein

Why the Plug?

Now a New York Times Bestseller, Doppelganger is a biographical look at author Naomi Klein’s journey into following the radical views of a woman who shares her name. 

This is the perfect read for anyone who has lost hours down an internet rabbit hole and wonders why politics and the economy has become so distorted.  


Land of the Giants: The Twitter Fantasy

Why the Plug?

This season of Land of the Giants tells the story of Twitter (X) at a crossroads moment for the platform, exactly one year after Elon Musk took over. The four-episode season will survey the company's influence on politics and culture.

While twitter employees had always imagined the platform would be used for social good, certain events have seriously tested that notion.

The podcast discusses how twitter became the “internet’s town square” and where it’s heading now that Elon Musk has taken over.


Marshmallow Laser Feast at ACMI

Why the Plug?

London-based art collective Marshmallow Laser Feast—where science, art and technology converge—is bringing its multi-sensory Works Of Nature exhibition to ACMI, from Thursday 23 November.

While Marshmallow Laser Feast has mesmerised audiences across the globe—like at Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals—this exhibition is a world premiere, featuring four mammoth-scale digital artworks. You will feel small, in the best kind of way, as you are immersed in the natural world, from Amazonian trees to the galaxies, with interactive experiences and guided meditation.


The Curse

Why the Plug?

Starring Academy Award winner Emma Stone, The Curse centres on a newlywed couple struggling to bring their vision for eco-conscious housing to a small community in New Mexico. Things are complicated when a reality TV producer sees opportunity in their story. As the series unfolds, the couple find themselves caught in a mysterious web of ethical and moral grey zones - all while trying to keep their relationship afloat. 

Watch The Curse on Paramount Plus now.

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