The Plug - October

The Plug - October // October 2023 The Plug - October
We’ve pulled together some of our top recommendations of what to read, listen, watch, and see around Melbourne this month.


Honest Chat: Dylan Buckley

Why the Plug?

From the creator of one of Australia’s best loved podcasts, Dyl & Friends comes an honest, funny and tough guide for men.

Honest Chat, written by podcaster and ex-AFL player Dylan Buckley, takes all the best insights and wisdom from the Dyl & Friends podcast and puts it into one place.

Touching on mental wellbeing, failure, adversity, loved ones and physical health, Honest Chat is a relatable guide to vulnerability.

Buy a copy here.


The Journal

Why the Plug?

A co-production from Spotify and the Wall Street Journal, The Journal delves into important stories, explained through the lens of business. Money, business and power are key parts of the podcast with episodes released every weekday.

Listen on Spotify here.


Rain Room

Why the Plug?

Jackalope’s Rain Room is back!

The Rain Room is an immersive artwork that fills the ceiling of a darkened room with motion sensors and little droplets of recycled water that imitate rain. The result is an experience that you can walk through without getting a single drop on you.

Open until the end of January, this exhibition enables you to practice mindfulness and stimulates your senses.

Buy tickets here.



Why the Plug?

You don’t even need to be a sports fan to enjoy this documentary.

Netflix’s latest docuseries takes on the story of David Beckham and his meteoric rise from humble beginnings to global stardom.

With never-before-seen footage, the limited series will expose you to Beckham’s wild football journey.

For those who aren’t one for sports, there’s plenty of Posh and style to keep you on your feet.

Watch Beckham on Netflix here.

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