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The Plug // September 2023 The Plug
We’ve pulled together some of our top recommendations of what to read, listen, watch, and see around Melbourne this September.


The In-Between: Hadley Vlahos

Why the Plug?

In this New York Times bestseller, hospice nurse Hadley Vlahos tells stories about the end-of-life patients who changed her life.

Inspiring readers to live life to the fullest, Vlahos shares stories and life lessons she has learnt from being a palliative care nurse.


Not Alone

Why the Plug?

With Mental Health Week fast approaching, Beyond Blue’s fascinating podcast Not Alone is a worthy listen.

Each episode focuses on an Australian’s mental health journey as a way to help listeners with their own journey. From managing depression at work to shifting male attitudes towards mental health, you’d be hard pressed to not find an episode you can relate to in some way.

Through sharing stories and experiences, the podcast places emphasis on its name; you are not alone.


Melbourne Fashion Week

Why the Plug?

We may be biased but we think Melbourne Fashion Week 2023 will be the best yet.

The 101 Collins Runway is the event of the program with some of Australia’s most well-known brands featuring. If you’re looking for more events to attend, our picks are the ganbu marra runway at The Lume and The Commons Collective Dining Runway.

Visit the website here to see the full program.


The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

Why the Plug?

Born out the minds of two creative icons, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar is Netflix’s newest addition.

Based off the book by Roald Dahl and adapted by Wes Anderson, there is no shortage of imagination or colour in this short film.

The story follows a rich man, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who sets out to master the skill of cheating at gambling. A-list actors permeate the 40-minute film, as they always do when Wes Anderson is involved.

You can watch the upbeat Roald Dahl transformation on Netflix here.

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