Recovery Room FAQ's

What time should I arrive for my appointment?

We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time to ensure you have time to change and prepare for your recovery session. This also ensures you make the most of your 30-minute booking and don't lose time changing.


How long can I book for?

Each session is 30-minutes with a 5-minute buffer period for cleaning after your session. If you would like a longer recovery booking, feel free to email us and we can assist.


How will I know when my 30 minutes is up?

There’s a timer in the sauna so you can track what time you stepped in. If you happen to lose track, don't sweat! One of our friendly RISE staff will knock on the door to let you know your time is up.


How hot is the sauna and can I change the temperature?

You sure can! We set the temperature to 65 degrees initially, however you can adjust this to your desired temperature by using the up and down arrows or by opening the sauna door. The sauna has a maximum temperature of 70 degrees.


Can I take both a Hydralyte and a protein sachet?

Unfortunately, not. You may choose one for each recovery session. 


What should I wear?

We recommend covering any skin that will make contact with the sauna (thighs, back etc) to maintain good hygiene. Tight clothing is recommended for the compression boots to receive the most effective experience.

We do suggest you bring baggy clothing or something to throw over when walking from the recovery room to the end of trip facilities for your comfort.


Will the door be locked?

You’re able to lock the door from inside the recovery room once your session starts. The RISE team are the only ones with a key to get in and will only attempt to do so if we are worried about your health and safety.


Can I use both the sauna and the compression boots?

Of course! However, we recommend using the boots first to ensure proper hygiene.


Is it better to use the recovery room before or after exercise?

Our recovery room is designed to enhance, restore, and revitalise. We recommend using on days of rest, however, the recovery room can still be used before or after light to moderate exercise.


Can I bring a friend?

Our sauna is currently only usable for one person at a time.


Do I need to shower before entering the recovery room?

If you have just completed a workout, we recommend showering to maintain hygiene. 


What if my preferred time is not available?

Please email RISE to see if there is a waitlist spot available and you will be notified if the booking becomes available.

If you have any other questions, please email