Winter Warmer Challenge

Keep Moving and Stay Warm!

Complete RISE's 4-week Winter Warmer Challenge to win the ultimate winter warmer experience; a visit to the Recovery Room fit with an infrared sauna and compression boots.

The 12-step challenge is certain to keep you moving and heat your body up as we slip into the colder months.

Scroll to see the 12 tasks sitting between you and a complimentary Recovery Room session and to join the challenge!

12 Steps
W +
Weight Training x2

Did You know?

It is recommended to complete 2 resistance-based training sessions per week.

Our challenge to you is to complete at least 2 over the 4-weeks.

I +
Increase your water intake

While water intake varies for everyone, it is generally recommended to drink at least 2 litres of water each day.

Water helps maximise physical performance, significantly increases brain function and hydrates the skin.

N +
Ninety second plank hold

Complete a ninety second plank hold in one go.

T +
Try a new class

This is your opportunity to try a new class.

Maybe it’s a whole new class style, trying a different instructor's class or working out in the morning instead of the evening.

E +
Experience Sound Meditation

If you haven’t already tried Sound Meditation, you’re missing out!

A regular meditation practice has been proven to reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing.

R +
Ride, row or run 1km

Challenge yourself to Ride, Row or Run 1km non-stop.

Want support from our instructors? Complete it after your next class!

W +
Workout with a friend

Bring a colleague or workout buddy along and join a class!

A +
Abdominal Crunches x101

Challenge yourself to complete 101 ab crunches over the challenge period.

Average 15 each business day to reach the target.

Don’t forget, crunches in classes count!

R +
RISE visits x5

Attend RISE at least five times throughout the 4-week challenge.

M +
Medicine Ball Slams x101

Challenge yourself to complete 101 Med Ball Slams throughout the challenge.

Want support from our instructors? Complete it after your next class!

E +
Eighty Thousand Steps

Do 80,000 steps over the 4-weeks.

R +
Recovery : Foam Roll

Spend 15-minutes foam rolling.

Your body will thank you for it later!

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