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Exclusive to customers and tenants of 101 Collins.

RISE is an exclusive amenity at 101 Collins delivering holistic health and fitness experiences in a premium approach to wellness, supporting customers to achieve their best personal and professional self. The centre is designed as a luxe space to inspire, motivate, and nurture a balanced body and mind.

RISE empowers customers to find balance in their life using tools and techniques to support important wellness practices for mental and physical wellbeing through a diverse mix of group fitness, open studio access, private 1:1 trainings and holistic health consultancy services.




Designed by Gray Puksand, the immersive space takes form from the natural elements, juxtaposed with integrated technology and a refined modern design.

The space consists of two multi-purpose activity studios, four consulting suites, as well as a relaxation area, which embeds a sense of calm via biophilic design elements including skylights and luscious planting.

All customers of 101 Collins can also immerse themselves in the rainforest-experience whether for lunch, or just to take a breath.

Situated as an extension of 101 Collins premium end-of-trip amenity, ONE, RISE completes the ultimate start to your day. Located on level 5, opposite the end-of-trip facilities, RISE can be accessed via George Parade or the lifts on the Flinders Lane side of the ground floor.




RISE is led by a Wellness Concierge, who is an extension of our tenants’ businesses and wellness guide to customers.

Our familiar team of experienced instructors and practitioners help customers discover a new version of themselves, whether it be attending a class or achieving long-term fitness goals through personal training and consultations.


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We have curated a team of professionals to guide you through a range of services from complimentary group fitness, open training studio, heated meditation, personal 1:1 training sessions and corporate wellness initiatives.

Customers can utilise RISE in the way that suits them with many classes per week.


Group Fitness

Low intensity.


Clear, confident and calm best describes the restorative and mobile practices in our Studio One space. Comprised of both calming and strengthening classes, customers both tone and stretch daily.

  • Power Pilates
  • Flow Pilates
  • Core Pilates
  • Yin Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga

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Training: High

High energy, fast paced and certain to pack a punch. Our range of high-intensity training in Studio Two will leave customers feeling sweaty and strong. Our inclusive range of group class types will suit everyone.

  • HIIT
  • HIIT + Stretch
  • Boxing
  • Pure Strength
  • Strength x Cardio
  • Strength: lower
  • Strength: upper

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Open Studio

Open Studio.

When our studios are not being used for group fitness, each is transformed into versatile, free-style spaces for customers to utilise in their own way, at a time that suits them.


Open Restore
Studio One – 6.00am to 9.00pm

Take a moment to collect your thoughts or stretch in our warm Studio One, whether you’ve just been for a run and need to recover or need a moment for a guided meditation.

After your visit, enjoy our RISE herbal tea to round out a calming and restorative experience.


Open Gym
Studio Two – 6.00am to 9.00pm

Train in your own time. Our open studio allows you to access equipment and train in Studio Two at a time and in a way that suits you.

For those who need a little guidance, enquire for advice and support.

Reservations to manage capacity are essential.


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Kick start or maintain your wellness journey with our 1:1 services. Our team will help you to reach your fitness goals, in a tailored and targeted training program – whether it’s boxing, reformer Pilates or strength and conditioning, the choice is yours. Curate a training program just for you to set and achieve your goals.

45 minutes
1 session = $120
5 pack = $560 (save 5%)
10 pack = $1080 (save 10%)
20 pack = $2080 (save 20%)

30 minutes
1 session = $100
5 pack = $475 (save 5%)
10 pack = $900 (save 10%)
20 pack = $1800 (save 20%)


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What do I need to bring to class?
All you need to bring is yourself and a water bottle. We provide all equipment, mats and sweat towels.

What do I need to wear?
We recommend work out attire or comfortable clothing. All high intensity workouts in Studio 2 require athletic footwear. No shoes required for any low intensity classes but you are welcome to wear non-slip socks.

How long will classes be complimentary for?
Our classes are complimentary for the foreseeable future. As the demand of RISE progresses, a paid model will be introduced.

Why do I need to put my credit card details in when creating a mind body account?
To help manage our waitlists we encourage customers to cancel their booking if they can no longer attend, this is to avoid a $5 late cancellation fee (within 1 hour) and ensures everyone gets the opportunity to experience our classes.

What hours are Front of House available to talk to?
Our friendly front of house team are available to answers any of your queries from 8am-12pm Monday – Friday.

Is the timetable subject to change?
We are constantly listening to feedback from our customers and will update the timetable accordingly. To pass on your feedback about our current timetable, please send us an email (rise@101collins.com.au).

Do you offer reformer Pilates?
We have 1:1 or 2:1 Reformer, ladder barrel and stability chair private sessions. Bring a friend and train when it suits you. Fill in this form, and we will get in touch.

Do you offer Personal Training?
We offer 1:1, 2:1 and 4:1 personal training sessions. Fill in this form to specify which type of training you are after, and we will be in touch to organise a preferred time.

When can I use Open Studio?
Open Studio is available from 6am – 9pm with exception to classes that take place throughout the day. Bookings are essential through the RISE app.

If I am a beginner fitness level – what classes should I attend?
Our classes at RISE cater to all fitness levels. Our expert instructors can facilitate regressions and progressions suit everyone in each class. If you have any concerns, get to class 10 minutes early and have a chat to your instructor before you get started.

Can I still attend classes if I’m pregnant?
Whilst most of our classes at RISE are suitable to all pre- and post-natal customers (excluding heated classes) medical clear is required to attend. Chat to our team upon your first visit.

Can I purchase the RISE tea?
You can, 40g of loose-leaf tea is available for $15 from our front of house desk.

Can I purchase a RISE drink bottle?
Absolutely, Drink bottles are available for $27 from our front of house desk.

How can I get a RISE canvas bag?
After attending your first class we will send you a quick feedback form. Once completed you will receive a gift including a RISE bag, our signature tea and a bliss ball.

Have another question? Don’t hesitate to chat to our front of house staff or contact us rise@101collins.com.au



No two business’ approach to wellness is the same. Delivered o-site at 101 Collins, RISE’s curated wellness initiatives bring a unique solution to each individual business.

Employee wellness directly correlates with business productivity, loyalty and culture. The aim of a workplace wellness program should support long-term strategies to drive employee engagement and support business outcomes.

Through industry knowledge and a best practice approach, RISE leverages its onsite experts, industry relationships and partnerships to curate workshops, training resources and deliver premium, engaging onsite experience.

Redefine corporate wellness for your business. Tenants can unlock this exclusive resource and service by contacting our Wellness Concierge via email or completing our enquiry form.


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